vsftpd or any other way to transfer files

Discussion in 'Asus (Android)' started by resuS, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Hi all,
    I am looking forward the prossibility to automatically transfer files between eeenote and PC (make constant syncing) because I want to keep all my notes on eeenote, PC and on my android phone everytime. I managed to convert eeenote's notes into "Lecture notes" android app format that is why I have my notes on eeenote and on my galaxy note 2 and I can edit them everythere. But now syncing is manual process and I would like to make it autonatically (then eeenote is connected to PC). Could you help me with this.

    I tried to install vsftpd but have no clue how to run it.
    1) I put vsftpd.conf and vsftpd into mnt/extsdcard/vsftpd/
    2) I have copied vsftpd.conf to /etc
    3) Created a /var/run/vsftpd directory
    4) But what should I type in console line to run it????

    I hope somebody knows how to do it:) I am not familiar with console.
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    Sounds quite complicated. If all your devices are using Android why not to go for an app as Evernote in Google play? On that app you can keep sync in PC, tablets and phones of all your notes, pics and sketches.

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