VPNServices.apk lost after ROM recovered by Toshiba factory,anyone upload one?

Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by adamlevine, Aug 7, 2018.

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    VPN Connections will not save after I have tried to create a VPN connection.
    On my Tablet AT100...Here is the steps i done...

    1 Tapped Menu
    2 Tapped Settings
    3Tapped wireless and networks
    4 tapped vpn
    5 tapped add l2tp VPN (Type of Vpn we use).
    6 edited VPN Name
    7 Set VPN Server ip address
    8 enabled and entered l2tp Secret.
    9 added dns search domain
    10 clicked back

    comes back to VPN Screen but no VPN's are saved.
    And I have checked the \system\app folders, there no vpnservices.apk file, so I think it should be reinstalled for my tablet,but I cannot find the proper one for Andriod 3.1,most are 2.3. So anyone could help me,upload one 'vpnservices.apk' for andriod 3.1 here,thank you very much. I really need it to connect my enterprise network,thanks!!
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