Vivotab Note 8 Updates and Drivers installation - safe order/sequence

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    What is the safe sequence of installing windows updates and drivers on AVTN8? I also mean to have stable tablet, not necessarily with "all the newest drivers" (because I read somewhere on this forum too I think that newest drivers/updates screw AVTN8s up).

    Or should I just now simply:
    1. Install all windows updates in any order, and then
    2. Install all official drivers in any order, and then install the latest wacom feel driver (7.2.1-24 at the moment)? (links are mentioned here)
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    This also might be useful for other people setting up their AVTN8s.

    I've just contacted Asus support via chat (a person named Tevino D. has talked with me):
    Asus: There isnt a specific order as this will not affect the device negatively in any manner the drivers are downloaded.
    Me: And does it matter if Windows update goes first, or Asus drivers go first? Or it doesn't matter? Because there will surely be drivers with conflicting versions/dates from Microsoft and Asus. Which order do you recommend?
    Asus: No thats doesnt matter as there isnt any consequence to this.
    Me: So when versions/dates will be different from Asus and Microsoft, should I just choose the newer version? Or should I choose Asus version for a driver even if it is older than currently installed Microsoft version of driver?
    Asus: As mentioned there isnt a consequence to running either of the drivers or updates first.
    So this is just based on the users opinion.
    Me: What about "Wacom Feel Driver" from Wacom website? Should it be installed at the end? Should the newest version of this driver be used? (currently it is v. 7.2.1-24 on Wacom website)
    Asus: The newer version should be installed last.
    Me: Do you mean newest* (7.2.1-24) version?
    Asus: The newest version is the one I am referring to.
    (So, Tevino probably meant that currently newest 7.2.1-24 version from Wacom website should be installed at the end..)

    Note: I see that currently Asus drivers page shows Wacom Digitizer Driver version "V720-9".

    BTW, for comparison and probably as a useful guideline, here is Motion Computing support reply to the same question about J3500 tablet I have asked 2-3 years ago (it was mostly about Windows 7, and only partly about Windows 8):

    There is no order in which you must install drivers, but I recommend that you install them in the following order:
      • SATA storage driver
      • audio driver
      • button driver
      • graphics driver
      • touch drivers, if you have a touch screen
      • network card driver
      • wifi driver
      • Bluetooth
      • WWAN driver
      • Connection Manager
      • QuickNav
      • Smart Card reader, if present
      • fingerprint reader
      • virtual business card, AMT, TPM, if you use those features
      • Dashboard
    I would install all the Motion drivers, and install them first, before running MS Update.
    If you suspect that a driver is causing problems, yes, please uninstall it and then re-install it.

    If you have some AVTN8-specific practical recommendations about this process (see OP), please still share them, especially if you have used AVTN8(s) for a while.
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    Also, I have just checked the "Support for M80TA" downloads list on Asus website again, and I see there are some "utilities" (ASUS Live Update Utility, ASUS ACReminder, etc.), ATKACPI "driver and hotkey-related utilities", "applications" (as in "Broadcom Wireless Lan Driver and Application") and such. Really confusing - are all these required to be installed for tablet functionality or are they even useful? Are they (or at least some of them) just a "bloatware"?
    What have you installed of these, practically?

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