Vivotab Note 8 bricked after clean install of Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Discussion in 'Asus' started by testplayer, Nov 12, 2014.

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    I can confirm that the Vol Down+ Power combo to access BIOS works but it is tricky. When to press it? You do it just before you feel that that blue screen is going to come up. Hold them down together until the BIOS screen appears. If the Blue error screen comes up, then you failed in your timing.

    To sum up:

    1. Press and hold power for about 3 secs.
    2. Backlight on screen will appear.
    3. Just before the Blue error screen comes up, press and hold down volume + power until BIOS screen appears.

    Incidentally, this method also works with a perfectly good unit. Just before the ASUS logo screen comes up, do that same things.

    Keep trying if you fail at first. You will get it. It took me a few tries before I did. It's all about timing and knowing when to hit the buttons.

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