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    I have been searching on net called support but could not get specific answer to following questions. I will appreciate for your help for these questions.

    I have t-mobile data plan for Google g1 and hoping that it will work with Viliv S5 PRE 3G. I am told that AT&T now does not support only data plan. So I have to but voice plan also which I do not want since t-mobile contract is still active.

    1) My understanding is that with t-mobile, it will be EDGE network and 3g so internet speed will be not as good as 3g. Is there a way to get 3g speed with t-mobile? Like, if I use USB data connector by inserting existing sim card and use it to access internet. In this case (use USB data connector), will I be able to receive phone calls simultaneously?

    2) Which mode (stands by / hibernate) windows should be so that I do not miss incoming calls?

    3) I am planning to buy AT&T data connector (5 GB / $60) and then remove SIM card and insert into Viliv. Will there be any issues with this approach?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    It needs to be in always on mode .no standby no hibernate (will not work)

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