Very weird problem in vista

Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by RoyalBean, Jun 6, 2007.

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    I have a cx210x with dedicated graphics (ATI 1400) and 2 gb of ram, core duo 2.0 ghz.

    I bought it a few months before vista came out, and i installed a fresh copy of vista, not upgrade, and have had problems ever since.

    The problem seems to be the video card, but might be the ram or something. I have searched forums and haven't found anything similar to this.

    The problem is very weird and hard to pinpoint. Basically when I adjust the power scheme to high performance, which uses more of the video card, the computer freezes after a short while, especially if i try to play a game or something.

    I have tried all three video drivers available (two on the gateway site, and the one that game with windwos). The different drivers give slightly different results.

    If i use the one provided by gateway, i can do more tinkering, because i can also install the catalyst software (this catalyst software does not work if i use the drive that came with windows). However, when i have the newer drivers of the gateway i get all these weird tears and lines in the screen, and some really weird 3d shapes and stuff appear when playing games. These oddities occur only once in a while if I use the driver that came with vista. The frequency of problems seems to be directly related to what power scheme i have it set on, and also related to the drivers. If i put it on power saver, the computer freezes less often and i can do graphically demanding things for longer, but this is no fun, because my video card is basically turned off so the performance sucks

    So basically, the only way i can use my computer reliabily is if i install the video drivers that came with vista and put it on power saver.

    Anyone else have problems like this this there werent fixed by the newest ATI drivers (the new ati drivers did fix some of the problems, like that weird cursor, but it made my computer freeze a lot more)?

    Oh and I and checked all the fans and they appear to be fine.
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