VAIO No Longer Innovating?

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by Steve S, Feb 7, 2018.

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    I, like @Tams , have no inside knowledge upon which to base this conjecture, but I think it's more likely than not that Vaio doesn't have the capital to launch new products and may well be stuck between the rock of being financially unable to support markets outside of Japan and the hard place of having too small a current and even potential market share to make a go of it with a slate of new products aimed at creatives, a market I have seen data to suggest is too small to base a substantial investment to serve. As mentioned by someone I failed to quote, they need to be a department/product line of a large company - HP, Lenovo, ?? with a budget to create halo products. The analogy to the SB/SB2 was good too, IMHO, but guess who has just enough extra cash laying around to create loss-leader halo products that may or may not catch on in subsequent incarnations. Vaio, it seems, needs to wait in wings for either a cash infusion, buyout offer or possibly just the right product design at just the moment a significant demand exists for a product that nobody else is paying attention to. Otherwise doomed to niche status at best, likely chronically cash-starved. (FWIW, the SB stock being dumped on markets in US for $800-ish fairly loaded - Amazon, elsewhere - make excellent low-end performance/very high luxe devices for those who crave phenomenal display, keyboard, trackpad, B+ inking (with purchase of SB2 pen), great battery life, some utility from detachable clipboard (though little battery life) and a very pleasant second machine.)
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