VAIO No Longer Innovating?

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by Steve S, Feb 7, 2018.

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    VAIO's slow slide continues. Their website was recently updated and references to the Z Canvas and the Flip have been removed. Now, they only offer the "New VAIO S" laptop (with 8th Gen i7-8550U processor) and the "VAIO S (2017)."

    To their credit, they still offer the Z Canvas Pen and the AC Adapter as accessories, but that's it.

    So sad...
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    A while ago I was in an electronics shop and they had three Vaio models on sale, maybe they are focusing on domestic market first. It is a premium product and Best Buy or Staples might not feel like the right outlets for them?
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    I don't think that's quite fair to say, as they are still actively pushing the performance and cooling on their CPUs beyond what other manufacturers offer—while keeping that signature VAIO sleekness. (I mean just look at how chunky rival Panasonic's thermal design is to cool the same 8th gen processor!)

    In this recent interview with VAIO engineers they talk about how they uncap the TDP limit on the chip to give higher sustained performance on the new VAIO S:

    Maxon Cinebench Version

    Not a massive difference to be sure, but still requiring that extra-mile of engineering effort:

    "VAIO admits it needed to redesign its CPU VRMs as well as its cooling system to remove the extra heat. The new cooler has a thicker vent (and probably an enlarged radiator) as well as apply a new fan rotation speed control algorithm to ensure that the chips do not overheat."

    So "not innovating," no. Not innovating as much as they could? Definitely.

    ...I'm looking at you VAIO Z Canvas 2.
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