USI is on the death's door and the killer is Microsoft with Wacom as accessory to murder

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Shogmaster, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Very close with that design, yet too far with the preferred Ram size and processor. Why not just pop in a 4gb Ram and the X7 Atom and add a few extra bucks to the price?
    As someone said in the comments section of that linked page, the DV8P 2016 model is still the king of 8" Windows 10 tablets if you can find it anywhere.

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    Yep. USI is pretty much dead, and its life was rather anemic.

    But I think it still might have had an impact.

    I recall the history of the VCR.

    The first VCR wasn't a VCR.

    Video tape technology was originally pushed forward into a disinterested world by a long suffering company called "Ampex" which saw the need for and developed magnetic tape for video. Their efforts died in obscurity, but I think it's probably safe to say that the VCR might never have happened, or at least not the way it did, without their input. Ampex made noise and provided an argument -and a proof of concept- for the tech which lit a spark in the imaginations of the competition.
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    Standards are hard. Magnetic tape video didn't have one either. VCR vs Beta wasn't even half of it. Look at all the recorder tape sizes and formats.

    And often, the best isn't what becomes dominant as VCR has shown.

    As things go MPP is pretty damn good if it ends up being the standard. Much better than y VCR as standard bearer for magnetic video tapes.
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