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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by colorsdiary, Feb 16, 2019.

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    So ... I somehow caught a 15" surface book on amazon, refurb for 1299 or something. I got it on a heartbeat.

    Since I've placed the order, I was reading the horros on the reviews of the amazon listing. evidently the listing was of refurbished devices, and an alarming rates of buyers weren't happy.
    It was a gamble I'm not willing to take, as I ship overseas, and it wasn't shipping globally, so I was shipping through a frieght foewarder. So .. sending it back is all kinds of hassle ( not to mention the additional costs of shipping it twice, and taxes .. etc etc .. )
    Three days later, the shipment still shows no update. After contacting the seller, it appears that the item was no longer available, and they were trying to secure another one or something ...

    My heart no longer craves for the book
    I was refunded.

    I looked into the Spectres. They had all sorts of heat issues, or so people claim.
    I couldnt find any new gem cut 15" that ships overseas directly. I found a refurb on Newegg global ( To use their words: professionaly upgraded by third party, whatever that means )
    It was an i7-6560U with an MX150

    For the exatct same price, I could get the 6 core version with a 1050 on HP's store. But then I'll have to deal with frieght forward, potential defects ( which were many by looking at various store ratings ). Yeah ... It is not going to be easy or cheap to send it back overseas ..

    I stumbled across the yoga c930
    I saw it, looked into it, searched about it .. loved it .... ordered it =) and now, it is on the way!

    Well, it is "13.9 .... which is a fancy way of saying "14 , the perfect size.
    It is lighter than the "15 spectre, and significantly so
    It is quieter with better thermals
    The thing is easy to open, the battery is easy to replace and the SSD is easy to change, too.
    It has Wacom Aes, which is supposed to be better than Ntrig, but I digress. Ntrig is very nice IMO, and so itty being better is a nice unnecessary but welcome addition
    It has no GPU, which is a good thing in my book. At least in my use case. That means even more battery life. Should the need rises, it will be fun to try eGPUs over thunderbolt, too ! win-win
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