Universal Stylus Initiative still alive and delivering a shipping products (Goodix)!

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by Shogmaster, Jul 5, 2019.

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    So basically bunch of companies are still at it with the USI (Google, Goodix, Waltop, SIS etc.) which I guess now is positioned more as an open pen protocol than a "universal" one, but hey! Progress is progress I guess?

    But more importantly, Goodix version of USI digitizer and pen are shipping in actual products!

    Bad news is that Goodix pens apprently sucks ass atm... I guess most of the Teclast's Surface Pro clones are using Goodix digitizer and pen, as is the new Celeron Y version of the Onemix Yoga 1S.

    You can't blame the crappiness of the pen on the protocol I don't think. For instance, there are myriad of pen quality within MPP, from $25 no name brand ones to $100 Surface pens. But I really don't know what USI currently brings to the table at this time other than it is an open and free standard. Yay? I guess for now, when even the lowest end MPP digitizers are too expensive for your BOM, you go with USI digitizer and pen...

    Anyone with either Onemix Yoga 1S or Teclast X6 wants to tell us about the pen experience?
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    I had a short-lived (because I returned the thing) personal experience with goodix, and it wasn't a pretty one. It was in 2016, but looking at the video you posted, it doesn't seem like improved much.
    Another review by Techtablet:
    The following bad Goodix should fix to be better than a capacitive stylus:
    - have to press really really hard to get lines appear - from the choppiness writing in the video, it's not improved much-> this cause much strain on hand

    -some waviness is acceptable as most low cost tablet come with low density touchscreen, but need better QC/shielding on touch screen so electrical wave won't happen

    -Cursor should be improved to support hovering, otherwise palm rejection would be useless. You have to touch the pen on the screen first before your palm to get the cursor to appear and keep it 3-5mm away from the display to keep palm rejection going which is just bad.

    I'm all for a cheaper stylus solution that all consumer devices with a touch screen can take advantage of, but the idea of universal is getting the pen engine built into every touch screen controller by default, like having the touch controller redesigned so every manufacturer would follow that standard by default. This is seemingly impossible as touch screen manufacturer already have a standard by now, adding more features= more cost, unless it become a must-have feature everyone want that it become a standard. The lack of usi devices compared to ntrig or AES make it even harder to happen.

    For universal and affordable inking on cheaper tablet , I feel like something build around the current standard like Sonarpen would be easier than trying to change the standard like USI. Sonarpen have a cord, but that cord provide pressure sensitive and palm rejection that could replace the need to add pen controller inside the tablet, too bad they are not showing interest in making a windows driver :(
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    Yeah that looks bad.
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