Universal Office or is that Office Universal?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Kumabjorn, Apr 18, 2015.

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    During 2015 or perhaps a bit into 2016 we will have a new Office world to relate to. Office being by far the most common Windows software we use I thought it might be interesting to discuss how we will relate to the next release.

    Personally I am not a fan of the subscription model that Office 365 introduced. I prefer to pay and then know that I am free to use it as I see fit (within the parameters of the license agreement), but this might be due personal inertia. It is a system I am used to and comfortable with. If I do not use the software for a month I feel like I have been ripped off, but in the present model since I already paid for it I feel no loss even if it stays idle for a month.

    I also realize that Microsoft needs to make money, developing a behemoth like Office does not come cheap. Right now when I use Office on Android there is an option to unlock more features by starting a subscription to Office 365, as you understand from the above, this will not happen. So what are the options?

    I think Office should come as a sort of basic suite, you can open, edit and save files, features like bold, italic, alignment and so on are part of the basic (free) version. Then if you need new features, you should be able to purchase them for a reasonable amount. I have no use for Equation Editor so even if it is included today I have yet to use it, so right now I pay for something I do not need. But I do need language support, I write and edit in several languages, so I am perfectly willing to pay for language support, dictionaries, thesaurus, spell check etc. I am even willing to pay for each specific language.

    Since I have Galaxy Notes I am also willing to pay for pen support (provided it surpasses what is offered today), just like I would pay for using Styles in order to get a consistent document, these features should then travel over devices so they are the same on all devices. I may or may not use Review features since I probably prefer to do that when I am at my desktop (Office 2013, probably to be 2016), but maybe I will be comfortable doing that on a portable device in the future, then I would be able to add those features for a price.

    So what does the rest of you think? Are you happy using Office 365 or do you want some other solution? Are the tablet versions available now sufficient ofr portable needs, or should they contain other features?
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    I love Office365, but I also have an E3 subscription so I have Exchange, SharePoint and Lync as well....

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