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    I've had a fairly good experience with the warranty services! I received my Ativ 700t tablet and keyboard on Jan 22nd. I tested them, found both items to be faulty, and asked the supplier, Kikatek.com, for a refund on the keyboard and a replacement for the tablet. The keyboard was covered by the one-year warranty and the tablet was covered by the 5-year warranty. I actually registered the latter only after I'd found it to be broken (the digitiser didn't work fully).

    1) Emailed Kikatek.com support about the situation. They said to get an 'RMA number' off Samsung technical support; I had thought you didn't need to contact them if you just used Kikatek's 14-day return policy, but whatever, they sent me to Samsung first. This is a code from them that certifies that the hardware cannot be serviced by the customer and indeed needs a replacement/refund.

    2) I registered the tablet for the 5-year warranty (Registration form). They ask for your address to collect faulty products from, phone number, etc. They said that you can inform them at any point of a change in address, so I used my work address. This call took around 7 minutes.

    3) I phoned the Samsung 'warranty issues' line (phone: 0330 7267864, 9am-6pm Mon-Sat), describing the problem, giving the serial number for each piece of hardware. I believe I needed to provide my invoice number [also called 'order number'] from Kikatek.com, too. The man on the phone wasn't very knowledgeable about the tablet (ie. not understanding that the pen was induction-based rather than capacitive) so he was a non-expert and thus very bad at troubleshooting. Eventually, he agreed that both pieces of hardware needed replacement - he gave me an 11-digit RMA number. He also gave me a 10-digit 'account number' with Samsung so that I could claim my warranty more quickly next time. The call took 33 minutes.

    4) I went to the RMA and returns section of Kikatek.com on Fri 25th Jan after business hours, submitting a request for one refund and one replacement. I just clicked my recently-bought products, gave the invoice number, gave the same RMA number for both products (his system can only give an RMA number for the tablet as a bundle with the keyboard; it does not recognise them separately). It asked me to describe the problem for both, then - in the case of the replacement - to specify three dates for their courier service, Parcelforce UK, to try collecting on (you can choose the address), then to wait for an email for more details. In the case of the refund, it asked the price of the faulty item (I listed the price with VAT included), and it said that an email would follow detailing where to send the defective product to. Both emails arrived within the hour.

    5) The refund email told me to send the keyboard to Kikatek's Returns Support Team address by 'Royal Mail Special Delivery UK'; no deadline was specified. I sent the tablet on Monday 28th, they confirmed its arrival on Tuesday 29th, and authorised a full refund, VAT included, on Wednesday 30th.

    6) The replacement email told me to wait for confirmation of when the courier would attempt to collect the tablet, and to package it safely; said confirmation email came on Tuesday 29th Jan at 3pm, saying that the tablet would be picked up the next day between 9am and 5pm. This email added that I needed to include a tracking number for the parcel and leave a collection receipt for the courier to sign (I had to rush to work early to ensure I sorted this out). The courier picked up the tablet at 12pm the same day, signing the collection receipt. I received confirmation of the package's arrival at Kikatek on 1st Feb.

    7) Kikatek's support guy asked for my system password on 5th Feb, asked for the model/make of my stylus on 8th Feb, then went silent. They went silent until 20th Feb even after two emails. They then said that an RMA had been logged with Samsung and that they were waiting for a replacement to be sent to them so they could pass it on. I asked for an estimated time of completion and they went silent until March 11th. I was then offered a refund which was issued the next day.

    Conclusion: With Kikatek and Samsung involved, I never got a replacement for my tablet after 6 weeks, but I was offered a refund. The offer for a 5-year warranty happened to be extended, so it wasn't the end of the world. However, I don't have a great deal of confidence in them for next time.

    Hope somebody finds this useful. I was surprised that I dealed a lot more with Kikatek than Samsung. When buying hardware, I recommend that you don't buy from companies with awful customer support, even if it saves you money. One company I considered just played 30 minutes of adverts on the caller hold menu, so I never would have managed a return through them.
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