Ubuntu 10.10 to get a "full" multi-touch UI

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How do you feel about Linux getting a multi-touch User Interface

  1. I'm really excited, it's about time too

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  2. I'm looking foreward to see what it can do

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  3. I don't care

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  4. I'm interested, but Linux is a little over my head

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  1. dceggert

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    Well here is my .02...

    I have been playing with Linux for over 10 years now and it makes a great desktop/laptop/server OS. However, the community at large has never embraced the TabletPC in a serious way. With a renewed push for 'multitouch' tablets:

    1. I see this as a very good thing because I have witnessed what can be done in other areas that have been concentrated on.
    2. Some work on touch control and gestures has already been undertaken during the effort to put the full Linux system on PocketPC's. I still have one running Linux , and yes, it runs on ARM already.
    3. Crossover Office is WINE with proprietary tweeks. One of the largest contributors to keeping WINE going is the developers at Crossover.
    4. N-trig fully supports Linux. On their support page they list the earliest kernel that supports it.
    5. Some examples of what can be done with Linux in this area include MeGo and Android. Android, for example, is a Java layer running on the Linux kernel.
    6. There is a company getting ready to sell a tablet running Linux that looks a whole lot like it is a Fujitsu Q550.

    However, with all that said, I still see one huge hole in the implementation of Linux that will still hold it back. If the effort is 100% successful you will end up with an Android like tablet with multi-touch and pen input like the HTC Flyer. What you will not have is handwriting recognition. That is what has prevented me from continuing to explore Linux on my TabletPC's for years now; I cannot do with Linux on my TC1100, for example, what I am doing right now; write this posting.

    The touch interface is half developed already but what is really needed for Android, MeGo, or Linux to succeed is handwriting recognition. Without handwriting recognition the best that can he achieved after all these years and 100's of hours of development is a similar device to the iPad, Touchpad, or any of the Android devices; ie: a multi-touch tablet without handwriting recognition.
  2. hoangha69

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    It would be very interesting to see if this feature makes it to release.

    Office, PDF Revu, etc issues? Virtualbox + Seamless mode... You may not find anything better for running windoze programs then windoze itself.

    It would be the sauce of VmWare ThinApp allowed you to package Windoze programs for linux...

    But back on topic. If Ubuntu can pull this off I may be a very happy *nix user
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