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Discussion in 'HP TouchSmart TX2 (N-trig)' started by nema.arpit, Aug 29, 2011.

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    A couple of days ago, lightning truck near my home, it blew my tx2 charger among other things :( . Two days later, some keys (2 w s x F5 F6 F7) also stopped working on the laptop keyboard.. :mad:
    So now I am wondering what has happened (lightning or general old age?)and how to fix it.
    My tx2 is out of warranty so I'll have to pay to get the keyboard replaced (it worked hitch free for two years).
    Also I'll be coming to UCSD as a Grad student this fall (I travel in a weeks time from India). I also plan to ditch the tx2 one or two quarters down the line and get something better. Lastly if I were to replace the keyboard, I'd like to get a backlit one if possible.

    So knowing this, any suggestions/ideas?
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