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Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by thebranded, Mar 25, 2008.

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    I have tx1003au tablet. Due to stupid vista (big copy files problem) , i have installed windows xp in my tablet. Hope everyone know about driver problems. After reading posts in this forum, i got confidence that i can install xp in my tablet.I need sometime for that, now problem is i am tryting to restore my tablet with vista again. I have created a restore disk (2 dvds) when i bought the tablet.
    When i try to use the dvd, after loading intial setups or files, it is giving error msg saying "your product is can not used for restore ..bla bla ". I have restore drive in my hardisk, but i dont find any setup.exe or something to initiate from restore patrician.

    In HP docs, it asking me to click F11 on start to select restore manager, but i have not found any restore manager option to do the same??/

    anything wrong with my tablet???

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    so you just want to restore the original vista OS?

    What Bios are you useing?

    Whenthe system starts you do you see the message that say's Press F11 to run restore manager? If not then your Bios is old, you can either update to the latest Bios or just keep tapping the F11 key as you start up.

    Then just follow the on screen prompts to restore the OS.

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