Tweaking Pressure Sensitivity beyond Wacom's allowed settings

Discussion in 'Software' started by thatcomicsguy, Oct 5, 2009.

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    Those are the parameters I like on my LE1700

    ButtonName tip
    PressureResolution 254
    PressureCurve 4
    UpperPressureThreshold 3
    LowerPressureThreshold 1
    PressureCurveControlPoint 3 0 140 40 254 254​

    With the latest PaintTool SAI2, I finally get the kind of pressure response I like. The pressure thresholds I use are the smallest ones I can set for the 'click' to still work. That's a good compromise for me.

    I can view the curve with 'tablet pressure curve tool' version beta on my Window7Pro LE1700 but that program won't save the curve (although it is supposed to). Later editions of that program don't even show the curve on my LE1700. So I use method described by the OP to edit directly the .dat file. Note that I don't need a hardware keyboard to edit the .dat file since the pen still works after I disable the service TabletServiceISD. However the pen then works only in 'landscape' mode which is not a big problem.

    I am not an artist; my daughter is. I use paint tools to sketch my ideas.
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