TravelMate Spin P4 review (14", 1.4 kg, pen silo)

Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by daddyfish, Sep 14, 2021.

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    Have this laptop (i5 version) now for a small week and since there are hardly any reviews of this thought I would add a short rewview of it here.

    In a nutshell its a rather cheap and feature-rich business 2-1 laptop but with a cheap sounding touchpad and lots of bloatware (all can be removed however). I think I will shop for a full AES pen too though (maybe there is something with magnets).

    - inlcuded dockable Acer pen which writes & sketches well (Wacom AES)
    - feel sturdy, MLT-STD
    - mostly silent
    - nice keyboard with backlighting
    - privacy slider and nice camera
    - fast Samsung SSD (512 gb)
    - cheap in the sense that you can easily upgrade ram
    - one of the most broad port selection I have ever seen on a 14" laptop (Thunderbolt 4, usb A x2, headphone, hdmi, lock, microSd and even a network port)
    - slightly lighter than budget 14" 2-1 laptops at 1.4 kg (vs 1.5 kg)
    - Windows 10 Pro
    - decent audio (will have to test this more)

    - cheap sounding touchpad
    - acer pen seems fragile, has a side Eraser button but it does not work as well as eg Surface Pen buttons and no right click button
    - bloatware galore (you need to install Norton's uninstaller to uninstall Norton AV :rolleyes:). I kept Acer ControlCenter, Configuration Manager and Quick Acess.
    - dedicated home/end buttons would have been nice (like HP laptops have)
    - device gets warm on the left side, would recommend placing the laptop a cooler or stand if doing heavy tasks (on lap seems fine too)
    - 16:10 or 3:2 screen would be better for a 14" imo

    - screen is ok for the entry price not more than that.
    - bottom bezel is large but on the other hand this elevates the screen
    - performance is smooth (single core performance is good and good build in graphics card), multicore performance is ok but not top class

    I think I will give it a 8 out 10.
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    Just wanted to quick update after having this laptop a few weeks now:
    • In contrary to what reviews online say about the touchpad, its good (it just sounds cheap).
    • Keyboard is still good though the page up/down buttons are positioned a bit annoying next to the arrow keys (what HP does with an extra column to the right is better).
    • I am quite careful with the pen but I also do not think it will break anytime soon, otoh I do miss the 'right rmb' button on it sometimes for ink selection. I also noticed I use the pen less because its fully docked instead of magnetically attached (magnetically is faster to attach/remove).
    • No battery degredation yet according to W10 battery report (though its a bit early to tell). Battery life is somewhere in the 7-8 hours for light work and 4.5 hours for heavy work.
    • Using it as a tablet is fine on a lap but its clumsy to hold if you would hold it like a normal tablet (not unexpected but just wanted to point that out).
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