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    Marketplace Rules and Regulations
    *As of September 27, 2009*​

    You must fill out the BST Form if you are selling, trading or just trying to see if anyone is interested in your product.

    You must have been a member at TPCR for at least a month to sell items in the Marketplace forum.

    You must have at least 15 posts, not related to the item, in order to use the TPCR Marketplace. This means 15 quality posts, not short spam like "Good Job" or "Nice Deal".

    Failure to comply with the above will result in your thread being deleted without warning, no exceptions.

    Please prefix the title of your thread with the following tags:

    FS - For Sale
    FT - For Trade
    WTB - Want to Buy
    Price Check - Price Check

    Below are the rules for this forum. Please follow them, as they will be enforced strictly. Any posts seen to be unfit will be edited or deleted, and any infractions given as needed.

    **** R U L E S ****
    1) No sale lowballing. If you think someones price is too high or you want to make a lower offer, PM or e-mail them. There is nothing worse than if you are trying to sell something and someone says that price is too high. That scares off other prospective buyers. On our forums, a lowball is officially defined as an offer less than 75% of the asking price. Buyers offering less than 75% is perfectly fine, but please ask using the PM system.

    2) Update your thread when your item(s) gets sold or are no longer available for sale. Report the thread or contact a moderator if you want the thread closed.

    3) You MUST post a price in for ALL FS (For Sale) deals.

    4) You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession. You must provide pictures of it to show the condition and demonstrate it is in your possession (ie: picture of tablet with your TPCR username also in the picture or a picture of TPCR website on your tablet's screen showing you logged in and your username inked on the tablet to prove the digitizer functions).

    5) Be courteous and professional when buying or selling, and please use commonsense.

    6) List the payment methods accepted (IE. Paypal CC or non-CC, Money order, Check, COD)

    7) Anything listed as OEM must have everything provided with equipment when first purchased.

    8) If you have sold items on eBay/Heat, post a link to your screen-name so users can verify your previous history of selling/trading/buying. If you have sold items previously on NBR, you may also post user names of those may act as references. If you claim to have eBay feedback, you MUST post a link to the feedback. Saying to PM for a user name is NOT acceptable.

    9) TPCR Staff and Moderators reserve the right to block any sellers who repeatedly fail to follow these rules. We have a zero-tolerance policy against sellers who market stolen or pirated goods, and those selling said goods may find themselves blocked upon their first offense. If it isn't legal, don't post it for sale...and please ask a moderator beforehand if you have any questions about your item or the legality of selling it.

    10) If your post does not conform to these rules, TPCR staff and moderators reserve the rights to delete any of your listings without notice. is not responsible for any transactions: this is not eBay. All sales and transactions are done at buyers and sellers discretion and all risks are assumed by those parties only. Admins cannot help to resolve B/S/T disputes.

    Adapted from NBR Marketplace Rules & Regulations.
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