Toshiba WT310 repair in the Americas

Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by DRTigerlilly, Apr 27, 2016.

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    This problem is not specific to Toshiba, but I will never get the regional restrictions (which often seem artificially enforced) that companies bring into play..

    I bought a WT310(106) while i was living in the UK, I'm now in the Americas (The Caribbean specifically) The device has an international warranty, reached out to Toshiba Support in the US, and their response is they can't help because it's a UK model.

    Toshiba USA does sell & service the Z10T which is the same device with the exception that it is sold with the keyboard.


    Had the same issue with Microsoft and my SP1 was in the UK with a US bought SP1, and they essentially were trying to say it could not be serviced in the UK, that I had to get the machine back to the US, or I would end up with a European/UK Power supply in the replacement.

    and don't get me started on the artificially instituted regional restrictions on media *RANT OFF*
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