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Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by surfaceproartist, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Thanks Bitech, the Z20t does look really nice! I just wish it had a Thunderbolt 3 port with four lanes so I could have the possibility of using an external graphics card in the future. Also I wanted to get it in a Core i7 16 GB config, but for some reason, Toshiba Canada doesn't sell the Z20t in that config (actually they didn't even sell the X20w in that config - I just "lucked" out and found that the Microsoft Store carried that config). This is one of sometimes where I wish I lived closer to the US border so I could cross-border shop!

    At any rate, I did manage to get my hands on a Wacom Bamboo Ink pen, and it does make for a better writing experience for me - more because of the shape and texture of the pen's body. The pen Toshiba includes has a metal barrel that looks nice, but is really slippery to hold. The Wacom Bamboo Ink, however, is rubberized. I think for the most part the pressure seems curve more or less similar to the Toshiba pen, but I don't feel like I have to grip the pen harder to keep it from slipping away from me, which makes the writing a bit more natural. I understand that's a hugely personal preference though (as I know several expensive traditional ink pens use all metal bodies!).


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