Toshiba Portégé Z20t Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by ile, Nov 15, 2014.

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    have you run a battery report?
    I had this issue when the batteries were failing.
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    I just bought a 8gb/256gb unit in ebay
    230 euros, used but in excelent condition

    great machine still for this days, the battery it's perfect.

    try to update the intel hd 5300 with latest intel drivers, but i download the drivers, tryied to install but it doesn't install, where can i get the latest good drivers, or windows drivers should be fine for this
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    Just got this tablet refurbished for 150£ (4gb/256). it lasted a few days kept and then started bluescreening, power button didnt work properly, and the screen dimmed when open, and activated when laptop closed. after reinstalling windows this still happened so send it back for repair.
    Now received it a week later and all seems to work great.

    few notes:

    - to get pen pressure to work i had to download the wacom driver from the toshiba site. the latest wacom feeldriver doesnt work correctly.
    - after updating to latest windows there were some issues with eratic pen pressure in Krita. to fix this i had to enable a setting in windows pen settings: allow use as mouse input by some apps
    - i am using the samsung staedler erm pen. it feels great and doesn't freak out when i touch the screen with my palm while drawing. it is amazing.

    for now very happy with this cheap, super lightweight art and code machine. came with win 10 pro which auto activates based on hardware. no need for keys. battery also seems to last quite long.

    only annoying thing is installing all the drivers by hand is a pain. tried some driver update software but they all sucked, did a half job and didnt allow some things unless you bought the pro version.
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    I've often thought of getting this cheap as a little art sketching device. How's the textured screen? How is it ergonomically? Do you sketch in landscape mode?

    Would be interested to hear more about your art experience with it. I like the idea of a matte, textured screen very much. I wish it had tilt though, like newer EMR laptops and tablets.
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