Toshiba Money Back Offer

Discussion in 'News Headlines' started by everythingblogcast, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Yes it's true.. see here.
    Purchase either
    Satellite Pro A120
    T2300E 1.66/XP HE/512MB/40GB/15.4" W/DVD-CDRW/945GM/11ag/OneNote - £529
    T2300E 1.66/XP Pro/512MB/40GB/15.4" W/DVD-CDRW/945GM/11ag/OneNote - £559
    T2400 1.83/XP Pro/512MB/80GB/15.4" W/SuperMultiDL/945GM/11ag/OneNote - £679
    T2400 1.83/XP Pro/2x512MB/100GB/15.4"/W/SuperMultiDL/945GM/11ag/OneNote - £729

    or a

    Tecra A8
    T2300E 1.66/XP Pro/512MB/60GB/15.4" W XGA/Intel 945GM/DVD-CDRW/11a/b/g/Btooth/1Yr On-Site - £679
    T2500 2.0/XP Pro/2x512MB/80GB/15.4" W XGA/Intel 945GM/DVD-SuperMultiDL/11a/b/g/Btooth/1Yr On-site - ££849

    .... and if it breaks down in the first year of ownership, Toshiba will not only fix the machine and send it back or give you a replacement but will also give you your FULL purchase price back as well.

    I rang Toshiba and asked them ~
    "does this extend to other products"?
    "No Sir, only the items in the ad" came back the jovial reply.
    "So why is Toshiba only offering this to these select items" I asked inquisitively.
    "Toshiba have periodic offers available throughout the range at various times" came the colder reply.
    "And could you now tell me the real reason why these two particular models are being offered with the benefits outlined" I politely asked.

    . The line went dead!!!

    Figure it out yourself :rolleyes:
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    Wished it was for the M400 aswell and offered from May/June because my system had to go into repair. Faulty DVD-RW (DVD-RAM) drive.
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