Toshiba M4 and wacom drivers

Discussion in 'Toshiba' started by rearburgermeister, Jun 12, 2014.

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    Got hold of a M4 with Windows 7.

    A few issues:
    It gets hot - where the vent is, top left part of the casing/keyboard gets almost too uncomfortable to touch.
    Is this going to fry itself on me? (i did read about this elsewhere before getting it but still surprised at the heat generation)

    Does Windows 7 does not allow for the screen to flip around (whether by 'detecting' its been rotated or with the button on the bevel?)?

    I've downloaded Wacom driver ISD DualTouch 712-9 which i thought was the latest for Win7 but can't see pressure sensitivity in Photoshop yet.
    Is there a different version thats recommended for this laptop/OS combination?

    All modern takes on the tablet PC - they all have 12" screens / 1280x800 type displays now? Nothing bigger/better?
    From what i've read, the next logical upgrade might be a T902 ..would that be correct?

    My main interest is sketching, artwork and storyboarding, mostly 'on the go'.

    Thanks in advance for any advice, things to watch for, etc.

    found wacom drivers that work.
    i think its more a case of my expectation coming from using wacom tablets and expecting the same pen pressure feeling on the screen.
    version 7.1.0-8 seems just fine.

    when the screen goes black, has red lines horizontally, then fades to completely white with vertical lines of different colours, mostly red, all over it [mostly to the right] - what does that mean?
    because i cant do anything with it when it does that except to reboot.

    is it the gfx chip thats fried or is it something else?
    if its a chip overheating issue, is the usb/fan solder/hack good enough to resolve this ?
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