Top 10 Benefits of the Tablet PC in Education

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    Top 10 Benefits of the Tablet PC in Education


    Time is running out to find a great gift for the student or teacher in your family. Perhaps a Tablet PC might be just the perfect pick. In the push for Tablet PCs to be strongly recognized by the education community as a powerful tool, Microsoft has featured a list of the "topten benefits" of the Tablet PC in Education. We have posted these right here at for you to consider:

    The Tablet PC is the next-generation mobile PC—its power, versatility, and portability make it the ideal solution for students who are on the go.

    1. Use One of the Most Advanced Microsoft Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is a superset of W
    inows XP Professional. It provides all of the power and functionality of Windows XP Professional plus offers enhanced features for pen-based computing and mobility. The Tablet PC runs all Windows XP–compatible programs, including word processing, graphical, audio, and video software, to give you the full power and functionality of notebook PCs—with no sacrifices.

    2. Work from Anywhere with One of the Most Mobile PCs Ever

    The Tablet PC provides everything you expect from a mobile PC, but in a form that allows you to work wherever you are—in a classroom, at the library, at home, or at a local coffee house. Tablet PCs come in two basic forms: the convertible model with an integrated keyboard, and the ultra-slim slate model, which has innovative docking solutions for easy access to the keyboard while sitting at a desk. Support for zero-configuration wireless connectivity makes it easy to connect to local hot spots. Grab-and-go docking and Instant On means you can quickly remove your Tablet PC from its docking station and take it anywhere you need to go—without having to wait or detach peripheral devices. These features, together with a long battery life, make the Tablet PC the ideal mobile solution for students.

    3. Take All Your Notes Electronically

    Transferring notes from your paper notebook to your computer just became a thing of the past. Using a Tablet PC, you can create, edit, and organize handwritten notes in a searchable digital format, and also capture text and drawings that you would typically create by using pen and paper. Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 brings together ink, text, and Web content in one simple location to make notes and research easier than ever.

    4. Use Ink Anywhere, Anytime

    You can
    integrate ink into everyday programs, including Microsoft Office System and many third-party programs. Send ink e-mail messages to friends in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, mark up a Microsoft Office Word 2003 document in your own handwriting, or annotate a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 presentation for a group project. You can also download the free Office XP Pack for Tablet PC to add ink capabilities to familiar Office XP programs. You can even share ink information with others who are not using a Tablet PC.

    5. Record Lectures and Presentations Using Linked Audio

    Are you tired of frantically scribbling notes during lectures and presentations? The Tablet PC has the answer. With linked audio capabilities, your Tablet PC can record audio at the same time you're taking notes. Because your notes are synched directly with the audio track, you'll never have to wonder if you missed anything. You can view notes that correspond to any audio segment at any time.

    6. Personalize Your Experience

    The Tablet PC offers a versatile, customized solution. You can use ink, the keyboard, or voice commands. You can calibrate the pen speed, optimize your Tablet PC for your left hand or right hand, and program the hardware buttons to complete specific actions, such as open a program, change screen orientation from landscape to portrait, or record audio. You can also use movements of the pen (called "gestures") to complete common tasks.

    7. Let Your Voice Do the Work

    After endless note-taking and research papers, most students become tired of writing and typing. Give your hand a rest and use your voice instead. You can use voice commands to control your Tablet PC, and you can even dictate text instead of using the tablet pen or keyboard.

    8. Get More Done in Less Time

    Students, teachers, and administrators can all benefit from completing their work in less time. Tablet PC enables every user to be more productive in new ways—and in more situations—than ever before. Whether you're waiting for an appointment, sitting in a meeting, or standing in a hallway, you can use your Tablet PC to get more done in less time.

    9. Help Protect Critical Data

    Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 comes with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), a free download that offers advanced security tools and technologies in addition to the latest updates from Microsoft. With Windows XP SP2, you can take advantage of a security-enhanced and productive computing experience on your Tablet PC.

    10. Deploy and Manage Easily

    Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 includes the advanced deployment technologies and policies of Windows XP Professional, making it easy to manage Tablet PCs in the education environment. With many IT budgets for education already stretched, an affordable solution that is easy to implement and maintain is ideal. For more information, see
    Resources for IT Professionals on TechNet.

    Check out the full editorial at:
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    This is interesting in light of the review that was just posted. The truth is, som many people have no clue about what Tablet can do for them.

    Brian Beeler
    Editor in Chief
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