Toolbar Creator - v. 2.2 beta available for download!

Discussion in 'Software' started by lblb, Jun 27, 2014.

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    Whoa, thanks so much for responding, and so quickly. I toyed around with all the settings and the transparency is functioning as you described intermittently. I think that I tweaked too many settings, including customizing the button sizes to values not available on the UI selector like 6x6. I was really going for a specific layout and then intended to resize the entire thing to be very small in the corner. I also edited the main transparency and the mouse-away transparency options. So, everything together makes the actual click-through transparency function only 10% of the time and I can't reliably reproduce it to isolate it. That's OK. I'm just going with very high transparency of 5 when mouse is away and 15 when mouse is on so that it doesn't get in the way of the full screen video I'm trying to use. [Sorry for the rant]

    My use case is that I have a video app,, that is used for learning languages and it has 8 keyboard hotkeys. I wanted access to these 8 hotkey while the video is in full screen. The normal onscreen keyboard covers way too much of the screen. And Toolbar Creator does an amazing job of letting me get just those 8 keys.

    I did find another paid option in Hot Virtual Keyboard that is more customizable and aesthetically more pleasing, including good transparency options, but it cost $30 for a single license. Your app here is way more than enough for my meager needs and I'm fortunate to have found it. Again . . 6 year later. Wow! Thank you for all that you've done!
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    Although they may look similar, Toolbar Creator (the program you can download here) and Art Dock (which you found somewhere else) are very different. I can pretty much guarantee that Toolbar Creator works on the Surface Pro's 2 and 3. In contrast, Art Dock will not work because it requires the use of technology that has been eliminated from recent versions of Windows.

    Toolbar Creator allows you to design and use toolbars, mainly for programs that use hotkey shortcuts. The main use of these toolbars is with a stylus OR touch.

    Art Dock, which does not work anymore, was for the same type of programs but was very touch-centric. The main idea was that it allowed you to use touch AND the stylus simultaneously. This function has never been possible with Toolbar Creator.

    Probably the most popular alternative to Art Dock that will allow you to use touch and pen inputs at the same time is Tablet Pro. Look it up in the Windows Store! You have to pay for it, but it may do what you seem to be wanting. But if you just need toolbars for shortcuts, the free Toolbar Creator has complete stability and compatibility on any version of Windows since XP.

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