Toolbar Creator for Tablet and Pc

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    Toolbar Creator for Tablet and Pc.

    Together with a Stylus pen or Mouse Device, if you use Toolbars you can then Work Better,Faster and Smarter on Windows Tablet.

    With Buttoncommander Toolbar Creator Deluxe.
    You can make your own Toolbars, With Toolbar Buttons (Clickable Pictures) - these Buttons can execute any kind of Keyboard Shortcuts Macros with Autohotkey Commanding Scripts.

    Use Toolbars to work Smarter on Windows Tablets.

    How to Make in 5 Minutes a Toolbar for Surface Tablet or Pc.


    Toolbars are very useful for any sort of Windows Applications, the reason is that you can do, true these Tool Images any kind of Repetitive Computer Movements.
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