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    Important Notes:

    For those of you considering a clean install:
    Please backup your SWSETUP Folder it contains all the relevant drivers and software that comes preinstalled on your machine. The discs must be either DVD-R, or DVD+R. Do not use DVD-R/W read/write type or dual layer discs because the creation process will fail. Instructions here

    TM2 Issues & Fixes

    Issue #1 Vectoring
    Hands activating other onscreen items while inking.

    Move taskbar to left, right or top of screen or enable autohide.
    Use Touch Control to toggle touch on & off when inking (link)

    Issue #2 Auto-rotate
    Screen will not autorotate, doesn't obey settings in Tablet Orientation Settings always follows default rotation even when order changed.

    MVSCActn.dll (older file) - From User MeatLocker

    Rotation Shortcuts
    (From User E1000)
    1st - Crtl + Alt + down ( + up to reflip)

    2nd - On desktop right click -> graphics options -> rotate ​

    Issue #3 Access to Brightness & Volume settings in Slate Mode
    Potential Fix
    Pin Windows Mobility Center to the taskbar. (Brought up by Windows Key +X in Vista or Windows 7)​

    Issue #4 Rotate Button doesn't respond
    Reinstall Quick Launch Button from SWSETUP folder or from HP TM2 Driver Site (direct link to QLB drivers):​

    Issue #5 180 degree rotation

    Issue #6 Calibration
    For Pen (Taken From)
    For Touch

    Other Important Resources
    TM2 User Manual
    TM2 Drivers
    HP Version of Wacom Drivers for Touch & Pen​

    Issue #7 WiFi
    Wifi not installing with drivers after a clean install of Windows 7.

    X64 Drivers

    Issue #8 Touchscreen
    Touchscreen goes to sleep and take a few seconds to respond.


    Issue #9 Video Corruption/ Tearing
    Turn of VT in the bios taken from here

    Issue #10 Fingerprint reader not detected @ login

    Issue #11 dead spots on the screen while inking
    Odd Pen Issue

    Issue #12 Touchscreen & Pen Stop working

    Fix: Update to the latest bios & turn off switchable graphics

    Issue #13 Problems starting up after standby

    Fix: Update Soundcard Drivers

    Issue #14 Disappearing Wireless Module
    No Fix Currently

    Issue #15 Switchable Graphics, Rotation & Touch
    Fix Below

    Issue #16 Cursor Jittering/Random Motions
    No Fix Currently

    This post will be continually updated. For any relevant posts that you think need to be added, send me a PM.
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