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Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by dukefan6842, Jul 20, 2006.

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    im thinking about getting that and a c204, but idk if itll work with it bc that stand is tilted quite a bit and the screen angle is fixed on the c204....can the screen be tilted? or should i just get a flat notebook pad

    i just want that pas bc lian li is freaking the best company on earth
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    Be very, very careful when purchasing any USB fan assisted cooling device as it can not only put undue stress on the USB port but on certain laptops/tablets where the cooling is on the underneath it can actually divert the cool air from entering the device.

    I personally would NEVER use one of these.
    Just get a stand that has a decent height and made of a mag alloy finish that will be 70% lighter than other metal finished bodies and disperse heat better.
    The iLap seen here is an ideal stand.
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