Three pen technologies : Which one will win?

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    I just came across the following pages describing Hanvon new pen technology. It is a pressure based technology and needs just one layer behind the screen to provide both touch and pen input. The stylus is passive as the Wacom pen is, no battery is needed contrary to the N-Trig. A piezoelectric sensor in the pen provides the stylus pressure sensitivity, however anything can be used as a stylus if pen pressure sensitivity is not needed. The resolution is 0.1 mm (254 dots per inch). I wonder if Hanvon technology is going to supplant Wacom and N-Trig in the long run.

    And here is a review of a tablet they market,

    Hanvon started by providing Optical Character Recognition Software which is used in smart phones, and also it is marketing book readers. I believe they are well positioned to take a share of the tablet pen market in the future.

    I just wished to share my enthusiasm and learn from other's opinions..

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