Thoughts on ConceptD 7 Ezel after two weeks + Button problems and workaround

Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by Viktoria, Jan 24, 2021.

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    So, I made a thread about alternatives a while back and in the end I gave into consumerism and bought it after all.

    The video's a bit of a mess but it's a thing! :3

    In short:
    I experienced a very annoying problem with the button. Since I haven't seen this talked about, and the digitizer seems to be off towards the bottom, I feel this might just be my device but the workaround seems useful for remapping too so I thought I'd share! :>
    = Basically going into regedit, disabling the Button Masks and then remapping it with RadialMenu.

    Other than those problems, I've been pretty satisfied. Some small thoughts:
    • The fans kick in fairly easy and are on the louder side but that's to be expected of a "workstation" device like this
    • Despite the weight it's okay to use on lap for a bit at least (haven't done more than an hour yet)
    • pen tilt works nicely
    • the pen feels good too, I can't really explain why but it just does. maybe it's a placebo haha
    • "touch delay" after using the pen is very minimal (thank god)

    I feel like most other things I've seen mentioned before.

    If you have any other things you want to know, I'll try my best to answer them if I can! :3
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    I think I can share my tips for using wacom emr equipment

    The problem of cursor offset on the edge of the screen can try to use more calibration points:
    However, normally the conceptd 7 ezel uses OGS full fit screen technology and should not have such an exaggerated cursor offset.

    Different pens with Wacom feel it EMR 2.0 technology feel different. The more expensive pen has more button functions, more comfortable grip, and the most important one is the better pen initial activation force, which reaches the 1g level of wacom propen2.
    Here I recommend HP zbook x2 stylus and Acer conceptd 9 stylus.
    Although conceptd 7 ezel emr pen is a rare double button pen, But the diameter is too small Uncomfortable in the hand
    Conceptd 9 EMR pen is the most powerful EMR pen at present. It has two buttons + magnetic adsorption function , and it should be fully compatible if you can buy a pen separately.
    But it can only be purchased from small websites of some suppliers:

    The difference in pen performance is that although wacom has licensed feel EMR technology to a third-party computer manufacturer, wacom does not provide a complete pen driver to most devices (except HP zbook x2 uses intuos driver and Dell canvas 27 uses feel it driver, both of which are written by wacom), but we still have many third-party solutions.
    1: Pressure sensitivity:
    Nowadays, most applications are adapted to windows ink, but there are still some old software using Wintab API, such as sai2. Sai2 has no Wintab API driver if it has no pressure sense, but we can set it to use Windows API to save and restart (although the pressure sensitivity is limited to 1024 level, it is enough). In addition, the newly discovered PC driver Wintab API for downloading superdisplay can also be used normally in some programs.
    2: How to customize shortcut keys on pen:
    The pen with one or two buttons can be mapped and adjusted through the "tablet Pro pen tool" Application of Microsoft app store.
    3: Problems of pressure curve control:
    The global pressure curve of all programs can be solved by "lazy nezumi Pro" application program.
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    Yeah I ordered it from zandparts, it supposedly arrives mid february! Let's see haha-

    Dang, thank you for all those resources and links! I'm fine with radial menu for now but I'll check the pro pentool out.
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    Hi, may i know if the pen pressure sensitivity working for Substance Painter? Many thanks !
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