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Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by JoeS, Jan 8, 2018.

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    There's a new X1 Yoga in town! Available in January 2018. (edit: now there's an even newer X1 Yoga, see the 2019 X1 Yoga 4th gen thread)

    Official product page


    Comparing this to the 2017 X1 Yoga (2nd gen) it boasts some significant improvements, and some setbacks.

    Better than 2017 model:
    8th gen Intel Core i5/i7 CPUs, integrated UHD Graphics 620
    Brighter screen option: 500 nits, HDR. Finally! Non HDR models still only 270 nits :(
    Faster LPDDR3-2166 memory
    Windows Hello support
    Optional physical shutter for webcam ("Windows Goodbye support" ;))

    Same or similar as 2017 model:
    Weight: 3.08 lbs
    Screen 14", IPS, up to 2560×1440
    Up to 16GB RAM
    Up to 1TB PCIe SSD
    Fibocom L850-GL LTE-A modem
    2x USB Type-C TB3 ports
    2x USB Type-A ports
    1x HDMI port
    Fingerprint sensor
    720p FFC (seems low..)
    Stated battery life: 12h (WQHD LCD) or 15h (FHD LCD)

    Price starts at $1889 and reaches $2740 for the top end model.

    Worse than 2017 model: (arguable)
    One fewer USB3 ports
    Major shift: OLED display no longer available :eek: allegedly because of lower battery life
    No more Iris Plus 640 GPU model

    Picture of the insides in post 13.
    Comparison with the Surface Book 2 in post 17.

    the 8th gen core-i processors (and older) were found to be susceptible to the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, meaning that depending on the type of task these devices will take a few-percent to tens of percents performance hit running mitigating patches. The 9th gen Core-i chips to be released later this year are said to include hardware fixes.

    spec-wise this is very close to the much cheaper ThinkPad Yoga X380.


    Edit: my personal impressions as a former ThinkPad Yoga 12 user:

    The good
    - specs, ports, looks, trackpoint, super bright screen, fingerprint reader, full size keys
    - no more sticky tape on the webcam thanks to the included camera shutter
    - great looking screen. Glossy, yet I can't really see my reflection in a reasonably well lit room unless the screen is dark/black
    - trackpad click is really nice and quiet, and the trackpad is very responsive, and way larger than on the TPY12
    - the case and the palm rest have a nice soft touch, less metallic than the TPY12
    - the keyboard indicators (caps lock, mute, FnLock) are white instead of red on the TPY12. Nice, looks less alarming.
    - the fan has more of a 'whoosh' sound as opposed to more of a whine on the TPY12
    - the thunderbolt/USB-C charging cable is nice and slim. A notable improvement.
    - even though it's glossy the screen feels nice to the touch for scrolling

    - it came with one of those metallic Intel stickers on the palm rest, ugh
    - the shiny black ThinkPad logo in palm rest seems tacky to me.
    - smudges stand out pretty quickly on the glossy screen

    The bad
    - the lid fits a lower aspect ratio screen, maybe 16:10 or even 3:2. Business users need to see more of the document.
    - the yoga hinge has a bit of a 'snap' to it as it reaches 270deg, where it starts retracting the keys. Feels kind of broken.
    - some keys are pretty loud and clacky on release, especially the cursor keys. Way louder than my TYP12
    - it gets hot very quickly during only moderate CPU work (few percent). Perhaps related to the fact that the factory Win install runs these systems at max clock speed when connected to AC. There's a fix on the Lenovo forums
    - it can get very hot, as in 'uncomfortable to hold' when working hard (indexing large Groove collection)
    - on battery and in tablet mode, the system runs in a power save mode and this cannot be changed by the user.
    - in media mode / stand mode, the fan blows the hot air right onto your privates...
    - fingerprint reader is reliable for me, but a bit slow. Like a good full second before it registers. Edit: there's now (Aug 2018) finally a fix.
    - for me the out-of-the-box screen color settings were way oversaturated. There's a right-click menu on the desktop with Lenovo color profiles, and for me the 'Standard' was better than the default 'Native'
    - The Lenovo color profiles stopped working for a long time after a Win10 update. This is now (Aug 2018) fixed if you're willing to install a preview of a driver update.
    - so very very expensive

    The ugly
    - Too heavy at 3.08 lbs at this price point. This shouldn't be half a pound heavier than the equivalent X1 Carbon
    - the location of the microSD slot on the back and behind a cover is insane. If you swap cards a lot, this will be an annoyance
    - finding a bunch of preinstalled children's games on a ThinkPad is embarrassing. Sure, this is a Windows problem, but Lenovo should fight to keep that nonsense off their Pro systems.

    Overall I like how speedy it is and the screen is awesome, but the heat and the clacky keyboard are standout negatives to me.
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    Losing a USB 3.0 port is a huge bummer. They should have kept the exact port config as the 2nd gen models. Or at the very least, dumped that pointless micro Ethernet port and stuck another Type-C port on the right side.

    I've actually never seen an OLED X1 Yoga in the flesh but I have a Note 8 and a Tab S3 and the Super AMOLED screens are to die for. I'd really be in heaven with an HDR-supporting OLED Yoga.

    The 2nd gen Iris 640 model never actually entered production or became available for purchase, did it? So no huge loss there.
    Alexa support is 99.9% useless for me.

    A pretty underwhelming round of upgrades, actually. I might be in the minority but I think the 2016-->2017 improvements were better than this year's.
    Honestly, I'd almost be content to take a 2nd gen model if it had 16GB RAM and was available at a discount.
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    Personally I'm thrilled! I couldn't bring myself to buy the 2nd gen X1 Yoga because of the soon to be outdated CPU and the feeble 270 nits display. The lack of Windows of Hello was also kind of a downer. They fixed all of these, so I'm happy. Now the only thing that they have to do is drop the price by some 40% and I'm in.. :)
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    They didn't bring back the volume rocker that was in gen 1.
    Too bad.
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    Agreed. It's a minor thing, but in media mode and in full screen it's kind of a pain to hunt down the volume icon in the system tray.
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    Not that anybody asked, but just for fun a comparison of the X1Y3 with my list of non-negotiables from Kuma's compromise thread:

    Must haves: (all covered by the X1Y3)
    - At least 8th gen Core i5, 1TB SSD, 8GB RAM
    - screen: at least 12", 1080p, 350nits, touch screen
    - a backlit keyboard
    - a 3.5mm headphone jack
    - battery life: at least 5h
    - TB3 docking

    Other wishes:
    - External GPU support - yes
    - user serviceable drive - SSD is accessible (slightly tricky, but doable)
    - slim bezels - half yes, but giant lower bezel
    - biometrics for login - yep
    - trackpoint - yep
    - Wacom EAS or EMR in a silo - yes: AES in silo
    - yoga hinge - yep
    - scalloped/contoured keys - yep

    - Eraser on the pen - nope, but can buy separate pen
    - an aspect ratio (way) lower than 16:9 - sadly no
    - weight < 3 lbs - nope, but only 3% over
    - dGPU - nope
    - price <$2000 - hell no, at least not for the 16GB 1TB config I'm sure.. :D

    Pretty great score. Can't wait to own one.
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    Do these trackpoint buttons look flatter than before to anyone? Wonder how that will feel.


    Edit: yes, flatter than before, but it works fine. It hasn't bothered me, and I've been using trackpoints since ThinkPads were still made by IBM.
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    More like definitely yes.
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    very disappointed. the FHD non-HDR screen is rated at 270 nits.

    only the new screen is 500 nits. a bit deceptive on lenovo's part here!

    so, for folks who only need FHD for many reasons, still stuck with a dim screen.

    mind as well save money and get a 2nd Generation model at huge discounts. this 3rd gen is not a big improvement.

    battery is still 54 whr and weight has remained same or increased by 0.1 lbs.
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