ThinkPad X1 Tablet (2016)

Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by ibmthink, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Well I just took the plunge on the X1 first gen.
    I found a used one on Fleabay.
    512GB SSD, 15GB Ram, and M7 processor. $550
    I could not pass up a $2000 tablet for $550 so I bought it.
    I had the good excuse that my Helix 2 quit seeing the keyboard battery after replacing the battery a few months ago.

    The Bad is battery life could be better, and also mine acts like it has no sound card.
    I have tried going into device manager and installing drivers etc..... The device manager just does not see a sound card in there.
    I will keep it even without sound as it is used for reading emails business work, and pretty much everything except watching videos, so it is no big loss.

    The Good is it is substantially faster than the Helix 2, almost as fast as my Helix gen 1 i7.
    Absolutely love the kickstand and the packaging overall.
    The keyboard flexes when it is angled but that goes away when dropped flat on a surface (no pun intended).
    I think the stylus holder could be a little stronger as I am afraid it will break off in the USB port.
    Stylus works and feels great, although I hate having a battery, does anyone know what the life is like?
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    hello terry,

    its been a few months now. how has the experience with the X1 tablet going thus far?

    You mentioned you also had the helix gen 1. was the fan noise unbearable?

    thanks for any info and update.
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    I'd like to ask existing X1 Tablet 1st gen & 2nd gen users - does it need a screen protector for use with stylus, or is the display strong and resilient to scratches and will do without protection?

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