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Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by RazorblisS, Jan 7, 2020.

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    So I've made a post a while back on what tablet to get for digital drawing... and It's been a wild ride.. as I never stuck with one, I ended up basically buying them cheap, and reselling them usually for profit. Do keep in mind I recently had a wrist surgery, so this had me spend less time drawing, and more time resting and messing around. It might be depression at work, or simply me being obsessive, though here we go:

    I started with a SP2, and now I own all of the following:
    Cintiq 16 Pro (got it for 550 euro. 2 years warranty left, mint condition)
    Cintiq 16 (315 euro, box and warranty was missing)
    Zbook X2 G4 i7 8th gen 16GB ram (1200 euro with taxes, imported it from USA, 0 battery cycles, looks like new, came without charger though... using my Cintiq 16 pro USB C charger to charge it, feel free to recommend a good replacement charger)
    Surface Book 2, i7, 1050, 8GB ram ( Just got it for 1100 euro with pen, mint condition and has 6 months warranty left)
    Surface GO 8GB ram (215 euro, has 1 year warranty left, came in microsoft refurb box)
    Ipad Pro 10.5 (300 euro, mint warranty just expired)
    Asus VivoTab 8 (got it for like 50 euro, gathers dust since, too tiny and weak compared to all the rest)
    Renaisser did also provide me with a sample of their pen, so I'll be comparing it to the Surface pro's last pen

    I've had and sold recently:
    Cintiq 27QHD (was too bulky for me)
    Cintiq 24HD (bulky)
    Cintiq 13HD (too small)
    Surface Book 1 with dgpu
    Surface pro 2/5/6
    Surface Book 2 without dgpu
    Samsung Book 10.1 4GB ram

    I just want to share my experience, and get more people familiar with the differences between each drvice. as it'd be a waste not to record my experiences somehow.
    Also It's fun and games buying and reselling devices and basically testing them for "free" but I'm afraid I might get burnt on a bad purchase eventually, so I've decided to pick a few for myself long term.

    I'm planning on keeping the Ipad Pro, Zbook and Cintiq 16 pro, thinking about doing reviews on all of the devices, and comparsions. (like Cintiq 16 vs Cintiq 16 pro, Ipad vs Surface Go, SB2 vs Zbook, etc) and Individual reviews on each unit, what are you guys interested in seeing in such a review?
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    Go for it, I say!

    Are you thinking video reviews or a blog post article format? Too bad you didn't start with the list you already went through. Half the action with review channels is in giving review attention to the must-have device in its moment of fame.
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    Sure, if you provide a unique take on it, it would be refreshing to hear reviews from members of this community who actually care about things like IAF, function vs form, and EMR vs. AES, types of drivers etc. Many reviewers dont hit this stuff, and its often frustrating to watch. @surfaceproartist has done an admirable job with his reviews and reports, you could check out his website too if you haven't already
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    Find a way to make your channel unique. Good luck on your channel. Dont forget to have fun.

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