Things to do when you get your Tablet

Discussion in 'Dell' started by maexchen, Nov 21, 2013.

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    I've started this collection of Tips&Tricks for Venue 8 pro users (most will also work for V11P Baytrail&Core), if you have other things that got lost in the 300+ pages of discussion please post below or send me a message and I will add to this post.

    NOTE: I'm not saying you have to do all of these things, I just list things others have been doing. Some people like to tune everything for speed and happily sacrifice security for it while others would call that stupid. Please see this more as a menu of things you could do but please still apply your own judgement.

    getting started
    - check for updated drivers via dell website support (but do a quick check in the forum to see if the community thinks they are working properly - it looks like there are no issues at this time. however see below for the BIOS Update to 04 or newer)
    - disable auto-brightness this will make it feel like you have a new screen (this tweak is highly recommended by most, I personally run my screen brightness low most of the time)

    find battery wasters
    - do a sleep study to find power-wasting processes

    speed it up
    NOTE: These options are no longer present in BIOS Version 04 or newer, so don't update if setting the speed of the SSD is important for you (in 05 the SSD is sped up automatically but you can't change the setting for the SD-card). Or consider upgrading to fix some drivers and then downgrade again
    - speed up Flash drive (in BIOS up to 03) and SD card (note: there are reports of SD cards -not the built in Flash drive- dismounting from time to time if DDR50 support is enabled)
    - The linked post in the previous bullet point also describes how to turn off encryption, be careful with that, you will gain some speed but sacrifice security. FYI - the encyption is only turned on when you link your device to a Skydrive account, if you haven't done this during setup Encryption is not turned on.

    regain the recovery partition
    NOTE: there are some issues booting from an USB device, read all posts below to make sure you understand how this can be done
    - It looks like 8inches has found the solution. his really good Guide can be found here
    create an external copy of Win 8.1, and delete the recovery section (choose one of the following options)
    - create USB recovery drive (USB) (see here how to install from a thumb drive without power source)
    - Alternatively create an installation medium (USB) and free up space by doing a fresh installation
    - How to download ISO version of Windows 8.1

    saving more space on C: drive
    - Here you find a complete Guide on maximizing disk space by BenH
    - you could deactivate Hibernation to gain some more disk space. Note: when the battery drains to a critical level in "connected standby" the Computer will try to go into hibernation. I'm not sure what happens if you have turned it off but you may lose data.
    - some (but not all) Tablets come with McAfee pre-installed, this is very resource-hungry and many people (incl. me) think that Windows Defender is sufficient. If you know what you are doing you may want to uninstall McAfee
    - If you want to move Office to the SD card here is a description (personally I wouldn't do that)
    - see if Windows stored Windows Backup Files (up to 3 GB), Disk cleanup (built into Windows) should delete the excess files normally
    - Tracksmart points out how to disable Memory dump files (original post)
    - you may disable System Restore to free up a little more space as well. Control Panel->System->System Protection link on the left edge. Then select the C: drive and click Configure, then Disable System Protection (or adjust the max usage). You can also delete existing restore points from there.
    - Converting an SD Card to Permanent Storage in Windows Devices
    - How to Change the Location of Windows 8 Apps to install on SD card

    Win8 tweaking
    - reduce distance to close apps
    - create a short cut on start screen to shut down the device
    - An on-screen Touchpad for the Desktop Envronment
    - If you find the Text too small, there is a solution
    - Tired of English? try another language
    - Move Skydrive Folder to SD card and then make it available offline
    - Rimbol posted a Link for a graphic GUI for the Windows Power Management settings (i.e. if you want to map the power button to Hibernate)
    - adding Keyboard shortcut to the charms bar (thanks to bazanime)
    - hahyun92 has found out how to permanently show the crosshair cursor for the Pen and gerg confirmed which exact setting you will have to change

    Hardware related (Pen/USB)
    - dprice7 has written a little test program (v5) that shows how the pen could work and/or if it doesn't work
    - If you have Pen Problems try a new Battery before sending it back, it seems like the Battery supplied with the Pen is almost empty (as AAAA are hard to find go looking in the Hearing Aid department rather than where the other Batteries are, some people also "found" AAAA Batteries inside 9V Blocks)
    - tonyz3 has tested several Metro and Desktop apps with the Pen
    - touch panel driver version A02 adds extra sensitivity. if you don't use a pen you may want to downgrade to A01 which some people think improves the sensitivity for "hand" use only
    - V3D has found an unused USB port in the Tablet. You can solder a USB Stick to it to increase Memory, all of this is explained here

    - In this picture V3D shows a Hack to modify a USB hub to be able to charge while using USB devices, here 150pilot describes how this is done. The Hub they used is this one
    - Adding another USB port to the DV8P

    other Troubleshooting
    - there are some reports of people having issues waking the device up after sleep (i.e. the monitor stays black) and having to press the power button for a long time or repeatedly. In this case try re-installing the Intel Chipset Driver (even if the machine says that it has the same version and is up to date)
    - if you have issues with "black screens" or waking the device up after sleep try this tip from alpard78 Update

    - Tired of Win8.1 and feeling adventurous? Adam Williamson did install Fedora (Linux) on a V8P
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    Excellent. Thanks for this, will definitely reference if and when I get a V8P.
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  4. tonyz3

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    Go to file mgr, c drive, windows, system 32, scroll way down to "slide to shut down" , rt click pin to start, than on start screen rt click the tile go to file location, than rt click, change icon, choose any listed, (i chose the arrow down), now you can tap that tile anytime from the start screen and you can shut down by dragging down the screen..
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  5. leaftye

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    I tend not to upgrade drivers until others say they work well. Some of us have been hit by faulty digitizer upgrades before.
  6. maexchen

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    Thanks for all the contributions so far. I have updated the first post.

    Can someone confirm that there is a difference between creating an USB recovery drive and an installation medium? MS seems to have two different tutorials on their website.
  7. mmcginnis

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    A couple days after I got my Dell Venue 8 Pro, my free space on my C: went dwon almost 3 gigs on its own. I did not install anything. I discovered what was causing it.I was able tof ree up the missing storage space by deleting the MS update downloads files that reside in this directory: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download

    You have to first take ownership of the folder, then you can delete the files and folders within this Download folder.

    I read that these folders should be auto deleted after a few days, but this was not happening on my Dell. I helped it out by deleting them and I now have my space back. Some may balk at this procedure, but It's been over a week since I did this will no ill effects. I've researched it and many say it is ok to do this. Combining this with disableing hybernation (1.5 gig) and creating a backup (5 gigs) I have added 9.5 gigs of storage back to my C:
  8. TrackSmart

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    First, thanks for starting this thread and keeping it updated! Very useful information. Also, note that Disk cleanup (built into windows) should delete the excess Windows Update files (just make sure the box is checked).

    Another Windows space hog is the system memory dump files. If your machine crashes a few times (and it will), these files will add up to quite a number of gigabytes. Again, the short-term fix is the use Disk Cleanup to clear them out. But these files will still accumulate over time. The longer term fix is to turn off this feature: Save Hard disk Space by disabling memory dump files in Windows 7
    I would turn the feature back on if you are experiencing issues and want to examine the memory dump files, but outside of that usage case, it can be turned off and save some disk space.
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  9. pawdog

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    A little more basic.
    Turn off auto brightness
    Increase scaling either universally or manually
    Install Touch Mouse Pointer TouchMousePointer - virtual touchpad (on-screen mouse). It's pretty neat. Probably not for everybody but I love it. Improves the desktop experience quite a bit.
  10. smuook

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    If you do any proofreading or just want to give your eyes a break, Clipspeak is a free, light weight program that does a great job. I use it for reviewing notes in OneNote... makes a nice addition.

    ClipSpeak - Home
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