Things I should know for a Note 10+ as first cellphone?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab' started by WillAdams, Oct 4, 2019.

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    Due to circumstances beyond my control, and an ultimatum from my significant other, I'm finally being forced to get a cell phone, and have settled on the Note 10+ --- observations, thoughts, suggestions?

    - 5g doesn't seem worth it --- apparently it will only ever be introduced in urban areas and not nationwide due to small cell size? I'd like to future-proof this though (planning on this phone lasting me long enough that when it dies I can go back to not having one), is it not a worthwhile investment?

    - suggestion for case? I'm considering the Samsung Rugged Protective Case for Galaxy Note10+/Note10+ 5G for the stand, but would really prefer something slimmer and nicer looking

    - apparently a plastic screen protector is pre-installed --- worth it to upgrade to tempered glass?

    - tried to get the DEX app for Windows 10, but apparently it requires Windows Insider? How well does the matching app on the Android side of things connect to Windows 10?

    Any especially notable apps to get? Planning on Autodesk Sketchbook, Wacom Paper --- other suggestions?
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    i vouch for the tech21 cases, no need to go bulky/rugged. The abuse my butter fingers have meeted out to my poor underserving note9. Several times it's slipped from my fingers and i've thought that's it, it's dead now...and it is completely unscathed.

    My understanding is that b/c of the curved glass, short of the tempered glass protectors that are glued on and cured to the screen they all come off with impact and otherwise lift and get debris underneath. I decided to forgo gluing something to my screen and went bare. FYI unless you use a high quality glue....(not sold in the available commercial packs) the glue eventually splinters/spiderwebs and creates a mess according to the reviews I came across.

    Re apps: Installed Onenote, i've never used it b/c i'm always in Samsung Notes, which is accessible from the lock screen and easily pulled up with the pen shorcuts. Go Figure.
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