Thick Tablet or Thin Projector? ZTE Spro Plus Hands On

Discussion in 'News Headlines' started by Dragan Petric, Feb 27, 2016.

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    We don’t know if the ZTE Spro Plus is the thickest tablet or the thinnest projector at Mobile World Congress. While ZTE revealed several new mid-range smartphones at MWC; however, its most interesting device was surely this tablet and projector hybrid, which follows the Spro 2. In comparison, the Pro has a far slicker design and severely improved specs.

    The ZTE Spro Plus (pronounced “S Pro Plus”) is not the only available tablet with a built-in projector, given that Lenovo launched a few, including the recent Yoga Tab 3 Pro, but the ZTE Spro Plus is unique in that it has a bulbless laser projector, a quality enables it to be more of a projector than a tablet, unlike the Yoga, which is more of a tablet than a projector.

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