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    I'm looking at updating my tablet PC, and the WACOM Cintiq Companion is under consideration. However, I'm having trouble finding out more about it. It is on my shortlist as it has a larger writing area than most tablet PCs, which seem to all be getting smaller, and also has WACOM pen technology. I need the writing area to be at least as large as my old 4:3 Lifebook T5010, which has a 13.3" screen, and preferably larger. I have a Galaxy Note 10.1, and the writing is much too small for my purposes.

    What I want to know is whether the Windows 8 version:
    1) can run PDF annotator (for prepared material) and MS One Note (for writing on a scrolling page), and can swap between them easily.
    2) connects easily to any wall projector via HDMI, for teaching to a large class
    3) can be used easily for those purposes without a keyboard or mouse, ie by hand and pen strokes

    Most of the discussion on the Cintiq Companion seems to concentrate on its use by artists, but can it also be used in essentially the same way as a Windows tablet PC? The slightly higher cost is not a big deal to me - I just want it to perform all the tasks I need when teaching maths in a large lecture room.

    Any assistance and advice would be appreciated. I haven't found any bricks-and-mortar store that stocks it in my part of the world, so I'm unable to try it myself. And the WACOM website is not particularly helpful. I'd rather not buy it and then find it fails on any of my requirements in some way.
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    A more ideal machine for those purposes would be one with more robust connections (and video out options) on the unit itself, a pen silo, and more diversity in a business environment. I think the T902 or new T904 would suit you better this way. Since you won't be using it for art, the Companion would not be "aimed" at your needs, whereas almost all the business style convertibles are "aimed" at your demographic, increasing their ease of use in your work scenario.

    T902 has VGA and full HDMI out, IDEAL for projector presentations and multi-monitor work. It also has many hours of battery life if your not near a wall, thanks to the large battery, hot swappable capability and the option of a second battery in the modular bay.

    I think the Companion would be able to do all the things you want, but at the cost of efficiency and ease. You would need to buy mini-display out to HDMI adapter or to VGA out, etc. Also you would need to make sure you had charging time in whole day at work.

    All the advantages of the Companion over these robust and diverse business machines would be lost on a non-artist user. I say stick with the myriad of options that are focused at your demographic.

    Other 13.3" + options would include Ntrig, (Like the Sony Duo 13, or the Flip 13a,14a,15a or the Taichi) which is gaining much ground in the market and getting better to use. For note taking I may even consider it a bit better than Wacom in some regards thanks to the consistent accuracy across the whole screen.
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