The Verge's 10 year hall of shame of gadgets.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by desertlap, Nov 1, 2021.

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    I mostly agree with this list with the possible exception of the Galaxy Tab Note 10.1

    So first the caveat that it went out the door with one of the buggiest OS loads we have seen. OTOH, Samsung had an update that fixed most of the genuine bugs less than six weeks later. Of course you could make the argument that they should have held it until the fix was available, but the Samsung mobile of then was very different than today.

    The key issues with Android Tablets still lie with Google and if anything Samsung has done more than was expected to address them.

    It will be interesting to see what 12L looks like when it actually appears on shipping devices. We are cautiously hopeful and Apple certainly could use a stronger competitor in tablets.

    The worst gadgets we’ve ever touched (

    PS: The article made me go grab our Blackberry Playbook out of the closet. Unfortunately, something must befallen it in storage as the unit won't power up.
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    I don't expect any better from The Verge, but...

    'Yes, the Galaxy Note 7 is the phone that Samsung had to recall twice and never bothered to put back on sale again.'

    Only they essentially did with the FE edition. Sure, limited to South Korea, but it did go back on sale. Because it wasn't a bad device.

    And for its time, the BlackBerry PlayBook was pretty good. I'm not sure the Lumia 950 is on that list either, nor the early Android tablets (they weren't great, but then again iPads were also very limited and full of blown-up phone apps back then too).

    I half expected my beloved Nokia 808 to be on that list, but perhaps that particular author of their review has moved on.

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