The paradox of choice - ecosystem mk.II

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by doobiedoobiedum, May 20, 2021.

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    With credit to Marques Brownlee for the title. In the past, I've been guilty of wallowing and enjoying the walled garden in terms of security and the fictional lack of threat of viruses but I'm definitely not in the ecosystem and I don't want to be Apple or Samsung or Microsfoft "everything."

    Am I a dying breed of computer user?

    I was waiting for Astropad to come up as one of the 5 but Marques used Duet Display for one of the little companies whose Apple market existence was gobbled up by Apple moving into their market (with Sidecar)

    Personally, I think the Apple Pencil affects me worst - if you want pressure sensitivity and accuracy there is absolutely no competition to the Apple Pencil but then you have to live with Jonny Ive's design choices like removing buttons, the absolutely slick first pencil that wasn't an easy grip and the hard plastic stylus sliding on glass. I love the accuracy but I hate that I then have to buy a 3rd party screen cover to actually make the pencil useable as an art tool.

    You "can" buy the staedtler pencil for half price and the tech is allowed to access the iPad's core settings for accuracy but you give up on pressure sensitivity. No rival that offers better ergonomics and screen texture is going to be allowed to produce something that competes with the pencil for pressure and accuracy.

    Just waiting for the day Apple removes the headphone jack from all their devices and I'll be told I'm just a luddite for wanting to carry on using my own choice of expensive headphones.
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