The mysterious case of the one-hit Google search

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    So I'm definitely losing it. But apparently I'm also living in an episode of Person of Interest, where "the machine" is sending me mystery clues. Here's the deal:

    I cleared all history and cookies in my Edge on Chromium browser. I go to one of my favorite sites, and use Google Auth to log in. Fine. The prefilled username info states "insnatica". Ehhhh? Turns out there's a saved username in Edge, with my Gmail password saved alongside it. Okayyy? Maybe I once had an aneurism and typed that name instead?

    Mystified, I do a google search for the exact phrase "insnatica", returning...

    ..ONE search result. Out of billions of pages. Even better, it is... wait for it: a scan of a page from a newspaper. To be exact, the New Orleans Bee, from .... March 1874! I kid you not. A 145 year old newspaper.

    I spent some time searching for the word insnatica on the page, presumably close to the word LIVERPOOL. :confused:

    I mean, definitely weird, right?? :D


    Funny you ask, no, I did not "drop acid", and I'm not on OR off medication, this is all real.
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