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Discussion in 'Software' started by fal, May 31, 2006.

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    I have Toshiba M4.

    1.Is there anyway I can tear off and float the writing pad?(rather than stuck with either docked at top or bottom.) This is frustating in case of using firefox.

    2.If above is not possible, is there anyother handwriting recognition software available? I have used ritepen and it was way better than built-in windows writing pads. Especialy being able to write anywhere on the screen was very convinient. But it was also wasn't good enough to rely on.(i.e cannot work for medium to long centence input at once.)

    3.Is there anyway I can "train" the recognition software so it detects certain way I write the characters?

    4.Is there any predictive text system that is actualy useful? I.e selection of choices appears at the bottom as I write, rather than having stuck with only one option.(writing pads only gives one option and if it is wrong I have to fix it letter by letter.)

    I have been using my tablet laptop for about couple of months now and honestly disappointed with its handwriting recognition, not because of its quality but because of its option and features. I mean predictive text system at my mobilephone is more useful and allows me to input texts faster. I was also suprised to findout there are no other thrid party handwriting software than ritepen. Maybe because most people find it comfy with windows one, or simply I missed others.

    If only windows writing pads were train-able.....sigh...I mean speech recognition can be trained. Why not the handwriting recognition?
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