TC4400 Screen Flickers while on Battery

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by kahuna, Sep 18, 2006.

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    I've had my TC4400 for like a month now and I'm pretty please with it. Through this month of usage, I noticed something weird.

    While the laptop is running on pure battery, randomly... the screen would flicker. (Like... change from the highest brightness to a lower brightness and back to its orginal brightness.) This process occurs in a matter of less than a second.. so sometimes it is hard to notice it.

    Conditions for this thing to happen:

    1) Laptop is running only on the 6 cell battery
    2) Ambient sensor is disabled
    3) Screen is turned up to the brightest

    Problem DOES NOT OCCUR when:

    1) Laptop is plugged in

    I've noticed this problem on my older Dell CPi when the battery was like at 4% critical condition. However, this flickering (which occurs only about 10-15 times RANDOMLY in the 3-4 hour battery discharge) is independent of the amount of battery that is left in the laptop. (e.g. it occurs at 99% and at 6%)

    For people who have TC4400... try running your laptop just on its battery and ... work on it for the complete time (3-4 hours) of discharge. Do you see any of these symptoms?

    Do you think it's a battery problem or a screen problem?
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    I doubt very much it's a screen problem, otherwise it would be effected in both battery & mains use.
    I do however believe you may have a power problem in that it is not delivering enough at a constant rate.
    Whether this is the fault of the battery or simply the terminals or your machine would need further investigation.

    As you have had the tablet for just a month I would get back in contact with whom supplied the tablet and first get them to acknowledge you are reporting a problem.
    That way, if whatever is causing the issue becomes a drawn out affair you have the satisfaction in that you reported it within a specific timescale.

    Having now got the fault logged, my next step would be to get them to send a replacement battery.
    Try using a different battery to see if it is indeed faulty.

    If the second battery has the same problems, you will then be able to dismiss this from the items.
    If you know of someone who can test the circuit of the battery terminals you could also rule this area out as well.

    If however you are unable to isolate what the problem is you really should be sending this tablet off for either a free repair under your warranty or asking for a replacement, seeing as the machine is so new.
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    I have not had this problem, though I do not run the screen at max brightness. I do run it on battery for extended periods of time while I am on rounds (two to four hours).

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