TC1100 with Kubuntu 10.10

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by dceggert, Nov 5, 2010.

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    I had the hardware, I had some time, and I made a DVD with Kubuntu 10.10; so I tried putting them all together. What I got was a system that somewhat works. I ran out of time to tweak it so some stuff needs work.

    What works:
    * Wacom digitizer - amazingly it worked very well right out of the box (err, disc)
    * All the usual stuff like usb, network, wireless, video, etc.

    What doesn't work:
    * Screen rotation - the screen rotates fine but the Wacom digitizer input doesn't and it staying in landscape while the screen is in portrait is a bit frustrating
    * Buttons, naturally

    I installed Cellwriter for text input with a pen and that works pretty good. It is not as good as the 'tip' in Win XP, Vista, or Win 7, but it is usable and that is phenomenal at this point. A google search for "handwriting recognition" and "Linux" demonstrates how the TabletPC has not been included in the development progress for mainstream Linux distributions.

    When I get some more time I will install note taking software and give that a whirl.

    This little exercise points out why Android (Java code running on a Linux kernel) will not make a good TabletPC OS as it is nowhere near as good as Windows 7 for pen input. It may make a good 'pad' competitor for windowing around by finger or watching videos, but the lack of pen input is a serious holdup.

    If a good handwriting recognition package and 'tip' could be developed for Linux it would be a super leap forward.

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    I've played with both 10.04 and 10.10 on mine (plain Ubuntu, not KDE). 10.04 is more fully functional, as the graphics drivers are available. I used this site for the set up:
    Unifying Theory :: How to install Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid on the HP TC1100 tablet

    Try xournal for note taking. It's similar to windows journal, although it will not do handwriting recognition. But the inking is smooth and it will import and export PDF. There are also some fun drawing programs to play with. I'm not actually an artist though, so I have no idea how good any of them are, although I have a feeling tuxpaint may not be for the serious artist.

    There is also a pretty big thread going at the Ubuntu forums:
    HOW TO: Install Ubuntu on a HP TC1100 tablet pc - Ubuntu Forums

    It's true that nothing beats Windows 7 for handwriting recognition, but Ubuntu is fun to play with.
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    The handwriting recognition on Vista and Win7 is fantastic (if you take the time to train the system) and this is the reason I haven't taken my tablets to Linux. The linux distros have completely discounted the pen-computing community by providing no real support for the community.

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