tablet with hardware keyboard?

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by users, Apr 13, 2012.

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    what are the available or future options for a tablet with hardware keyboard?

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    What are you talking about here? are you referring to Tablet PC's (runs Windows, and has a active digitizer pen [sometimes with touch, usually not], or at least an accurate resistive touch screen with pen); or entertainment tablets [typically run Android or iOS, some run windows; but because of the OS, or because of the touch only screen, as well as cheap and crap quality overall, and poor design [bad for the user, but good for the manufacturer], these are really closer to 'throw away' devices that are only usable for simple 'entertainment' tasks)

    This forum and members deal almost entirely with the Tablet PC's, and this is an amazing resource for information on those; but as most members see the entertainment tablets for what they are few have them, and even fewer find use for them...

    Well, if its Tablet PC's you are talking about then you are in luck because there are dozens upon dozens of convertible Tablet PC's ranging from more netbook like Fujitsu P1620 ($100+ on ebay), mid sized 12.1" devices like the HP 2700 series (2730p, 2740p, 2760p), Lenovo X series (X200 tablet, X201 tablet, X220 tablet), Fujitsu T4410 T730 & T731; then the larger 13.3" Fujitsu T5010 T900 & T901 -these are just some of the better the Core 2 Duo or better ones, there are tons of Core Duo, Pentium M, and other ones, all of which have a bit less performance than the C2D and better. Typically 4-5hrs on a new battery is the battery life after a bit of tweaking and such, some have secondary battery options to double battery life, and the batteries are also swappable so if it wears out then you can buy a new one.... the best place to learn more about these devices is from reviews (both website reviews and user reviews; google is your friend here), and also from the rest of this forum here... if these intrigue you some then please look a little into what they offer and try to give a bit of feedback on what you are looking for and I can help point you in the right direction

    If you mean entertainment tablets, there really aren't many (if any?), and I don't see it becoming a big 'thing' for them as they are about big bubble icons and pretty colors, not about 'old and uncool' things like mouse and keyboard that are seen as old and outdated because of that image that they push on them, so don't hold your breath on these

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