Tablet pc suggestions for a beginner digital artist

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Attila The Hun, Dec 4, 2016.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a beginner digital artist and I really want to try out a monitor for drawing instead of my wacom drawing tablet (without monitor).

    I basically hate the drawing tablet and really feel like I'd do much better with a touchscreen monitor with pressure sensitive stylus.

    My budget is up to 875$. I'm just not willing to spend the ridiculous price of 1800$ for a wacom monitor drawing tablet not knowing if I will even enjoy it.

    What are your suggestions? I wanted to get the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but it uses the N-Trig technology which supposedly isn't as good for drawing as the Wacom AES ones (is this true?)

    If so, could someone tell me which one is on par with the surface pro quality wise but uses a Wacom AES? (Not more than 875$ though)

    I'm sorry if this is a frequently asked question, I just really needed some input. I looked over the list you guys put together of tablet pcs with digitizer pens, but some of them have newer models and I'm not sure if they still support the pens since I've also read some stuff about newer models that discard the technology for some reason. (not sure if this is true)

    So as you can see, since I'm really new to this, I truly need some help.

    Thank you guys for your time.
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