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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by Junkwolf, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Junkwolf

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    General Questions.

    1. What is your budget?

    $2000-3500. The closer to 2000 the better, I don't exactly have have money I can waste on the laptop to where I can buy the most expensive thing, but I would like a really nice one. I spent 1700 on my desktop (just the comp itself) 3 years ago and I still have no need to upgrade. If the laptop is over 3000, I would expect it to be some type of tough book.

    2. Do you prefer a Slate, Convertible or Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC)?

    Defently a convertible. I plan on using it for gaming, browsing, chatting.

    3. What size Tablet PC would you prefer?
    Small and light ~ 5" to 8.9"
    Compact ~ 10"
    Mainstream ~ 12.1"
    Large ~ 14"

    Mainstream or Large. I suppose I would prefer large for the wider drawing range. I'm a big person (6'4") so its not like I don't have the lap space.

    4. Which country do you intent to purchase from?


    5. Do you have any preferences to brand loyalty or dislikes?

    The only brand I kinda have a problem with is Dell, as my last laptop (Inspirion 5100) was from them. Overheating problems, refusal to upgrade their graphic drivers, prevent to download drivers from Radeon's site. Then again, If they have the best drawing tablet I'm willing to give them another shot.

    6. How many hours battery life do you require?

    I hated my old laptops 1 hour battery. I'm looking for a 3-5 hour battery at least.

    7. What do you intend to use the Tablet for?

    Drawing. Lots of it. I'm a photoshop user and OC drawer. I do a lot of graphic work, and I'd like to get into 3-D modeling as well. SO the laptop would need to be able to handle Lightwave or Maya.

    Also a bit of gaming. Nothing to serious as I have my desktop for my real gaming. However, something that I can use to play World of Warcraft or any other game when I'm away. Don't need the best of graphic settings, but at least to reliably play any standard setting for a game.

    8. Do you have an OS preference?

    Windows. My few experiences with a Mac was a nightmare. Plus my photoshop is windows.

    9. What software and tasks do you intend to run?

    Photoshop CS, oC, Maya or Lightwave, 3-D modeling, chat services, WoW, games.

    10. Do you intend playing Games. If so please list.

    World of Warcraft
    Baldur's Gate (any of these type of games I love while traveling.)
    FPS for LAN parties
    Since I still run windows XP on my desktop, any games requiring Vista would have to be installed on this. Though havent seen any I want to play.

    Screen Specifics

    1. Do you prefer standard or widescreen?

    Defently widescreen.

    2. What resolution do you prefer?
    XGA - 1024x768 ~ Large and easy to read text and graphic icons but you fit less on the screen.
    SXGA - 1400x1050 ~ Small text and graphic icons which require good vision but the gain is a much larger screen.
    WXGA - 1280x768 ~ Wider viewing angle of XGA but ideal for viewing Spreadsheets and other programs that require desktop space.

    Would have to be either SXGA or WXGA. I have good eyes and prefer detail and desktop space.

    3. Do you require an Indoor only or Indoor/Outdoor screen option?

    An outdoor screen would be nice since I'd like to be outside sketching things. If there would be another option, such as a screen cover, so that I could have the indoor only brightness, I'd prefer that.

    4. Do you require a Passive or Active Digitizer?

    Active Digitizer

    5. Do you require Wacom or Finepoint Technology?


    Component Specifics

    1. What size Hard Drive and Memory do you require?

    I've delt with a 40g hard drive with no problems. Bigger is better I suppose, but I'm not using it to store large amounts of data. I think preferably a 60g hard drive is what I'd like. If bigger is cheaper.... then sure.

    2. Do you require an Optical Drive?

    Would defently prefer a DvD burner. Lightscribe would be nice, but I can just do that on my desktop no problems. No need to waste money on that.

    3. Do you require ability to add a second Battery or Hard Drive (Modular Bay technology)?

    Second hard drive no. Second battery yes.

    1. Other non specific items ~ please add other items you require not covered above?

    Internal wireless and internal bluetooth a must. An internal broadband wireless would be awesome. Rugged would be nice as I travel a lot to conventions, but not at the expense of drawing capability or preciseness. (Forgive me if thats not a real word or if its mispelled.)

    2. Additional requests ~ anything other you wish to take into consideration?

    In case I haven't stressed this enough, this laptop's main purpose is for drawing. I use an intuos wacom tablet on my desktop, so I'm not expecting that kind of quality. However, I need something that has a fast pen response time and precise control.

  2. TedRx

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    Check out Gateway C140 series at the Gateway web site... I am looking at the C140s for TabPcArt, but for your needs look at the C140XL specs .. plus it is a DEAL at less than $1000 NEW , also check out a this thread at TabletPcBuzz ...
    It may give you some further insight ...

    Also there is a video review of the Gateway c-140x at in thier INK SHOW video review series that runs about 20 minutes ... very good review
    Good luck!
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  3. Shogmaster

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    If you want a new from factory 14" convertible (and I say, bigger the screen the better it is for doing art), your only choice is the Gateway C-140 series. The good news is that the price is super low. The bad news is that you can't spec a super fast Core 2 Duo at the moment (1.66Ghz is the tops right now).

    But since you are getting a 1.66GHz Santa Rosa Core 2 Duo machine with 2 GB of RAM for around $1200, I say it's a hell of a deal. I'm using a 1.6GHz pre Santa Rosa Core 2 Duo right now and it's fast enough for even Painter.

    If you want to venture into used/refurb machines, you might be able to find a Toshiba R25 with 2 GHz Core 2 Duo for around $1200. The upside is that the native resolution of the R25 is higher than the C-140 (1440x900 vs 1280x768). The downside is that you won't have much protection for the purchase.
  4. shademar

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    If you have the money to spend on upgrades, check out the gateway business/education site at:

    They have the equivalent of the c-140x (under different model numbers for each division) but customizable and with much better maxed out specs...2Ghz processor for instance.) Pricier than the 1000 preconfig models, but within the range you posted.
  5. Doahh

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    Going through the site mentioned above you can get up to a 2.4ghz Dual Core processor...
    I have no Idea why Gateway decided to not let people customize their tablets through the non business site.

    BTW The business site is a LOT cheaper if you go under the small business tab...
  6. Junkwolf

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    Awesome then. I'm takin git i wont have to worry about my pen snagging on the screeen? Read that somewhere on the forums..
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