"Tablet Mode" with X360 Spectre, Envy and Zbook models 2019 or later

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by desertlap, Mar 9, 2021.

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    So I learned something today, which is a clever thing and it makes me wonder why more of the PC makers don't do this.

    As we are all aware, Windows 10 does have a tablet mode toggle in the bottom right of the task bar. It makes what seems to me to be some minor (and IMHO dubious value) changes to the UI.

    But what I didn't know until today after talking with one of HP's Spectre product managers is that in addition to the Windows UI changes, these HP series change their touch screen behavior, increasing false touch and palm rejection functionality too.

    You can actually see it in action like for example with my wife's Spectre X360 13 inch where in regular mode you get false touch actions etc. when holding it by the edges in horizontal orientation, and those don't happen when tablet mode is turned on.

    After I saw what he was talking about, I wondered aloud why for example Lenovo doesn't appear to do that and he grinned and said "I'm pretty sure we patented it !"

    Anyway, kudos to HP for a beneficial usability enhancement !
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    I wasn't aware of this, but I also wasn't aware of feelings of annoyance while using tablet mode. So... mission accomplished!
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