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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by Bronsky, Jul 7, 2021.

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    I would also recommend checking with some folks from the physiology department about software requirements, and confirming whether or not Windows is required for anything. If not, then I’d agree with the iPad. It would be good if she could some hands on time in store before deciding on a size. The 12.9 is beautiful but it is a lot of tablet to use for tablet-y things. Holding it for any period of time you really notice the difference in size, especially with a case. If she has a MacBook she can use for extended periods of laptop work, the 11” iPad Pro or even the new Air might be a better complementary device to add to the arsenal.

    I use mine for reading documents and marking up Office files with the pen, or for a dozen other things with a simple trifold case. It fits nicely in hand or on my lap on the bus or train, or at the coffee counter. But again, for me it is a complement to my phone and my laptop.

    That said, I have been using the new Logitech Combo Touch case and have used it more for writing recently, but 11” is still a bit small for multitasking.

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