Tablet Device for Photographers.

Discussion in 'Professions' started by JeffP, Aug 24, 2011.

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    I'm an avid photographer and recently bought an Acer Iconia, which I've found to be a great tool. With a built-in USB host port, and a slot for removable memory (microSD), I can transfer photos from my Canon 7D CF cards to a microSD using the tablet and a standard card reader connected to the USB host port. With CR2Thumbnailer, I can view the RAW shots and extract the embedded JPGs, saving them on a thumb drive if I wish. I can also use the DSLR Controller App to control my 7D directly using a standard USB cable plugged in to the USB host port - the tablet and the App allows me to see the image viewable by the sensor, adjust ISO settings, exposure and focus point, and then take the photo from the tablet.

    While I can do all the above (and more) with a Windows PC, the tablet is so much smaller/lighter, and powers up almost instantly, making it very convenient.
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    Sweet - Thanks for the tip - I'm looking it up now!

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